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As a digital marketing strategist, I enable you to

do the right thing in an explosion of possibilities.

In times of galloping change, it is sometimes not so easy to make the right decisions. Marketing and IT decision-makers have to spend their budgets with a precision rifle if it shall be “money well spent”. Yet, given the mass of superficially attractive options, one would rather reach for the shotgun. And not deciding at all on marketing decisions is not an option either – after all, you don’t want to lag behind.

To make matters worse, there are no blueprints. The situations of the companies are too different and individual for that. In any case, I don’t believe in supposed golden rules like “You need social media in B2C, but not in B2B”. Fortunately, someone knows the right measures: The consumers. It is a truism that digital marketing must also be oriented towards them. The actual transfer of market and target group insights into the right user journeys does not happen as often as it should. This is exactly where I come in: With a choice of measures and channels that looks first and foremost at the clientele. For example, I first want to create personas, then tailor the right user journeys to them and finally derive which touchpoints are needed. 

And this advice is independent: I earn my money exclusively from my clients’ fees and not from kickbacks or commissions from agencies, media partners or software manufacturers.

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Robert Petzold Audit & Evaluation

Audit & Evaluation

I am happy to initiate, conduct or create an audit of, for example, your consumer and analytics data, your previous themes and campaigns as well as your touchpoints (e.g. your website landscape). My clients are often surprised themselves at what becomes visible in such a “big picture”. In order to determine the (correct) need for action, a good knowledge of the current situation is indispensable.

Robert Petzold Goals


Because digital serves marketing and marketing serves business, I find a proper goal derivation very important. I create a KPI pyramid that defines how success is measured at which level. And based on this, I create a dashboard design, because this makes the goal concept very precise and clear.

Robert Petzold Interviews & Personas

Interviews & Personas

Without the consumer, everything is nothing (1). I use interviews with customers/consumers as well as internal stakeholders to generate the insights that then flow into a persona development. For the latter, workshop and walk-in-lab formats have proven very successful in my experience.

Robert Petzold Media Strategy

Media Strategy

Imagine it’s digital and no one goes there. To make sure that doesnt happen, I formulate a concept for attention and visitor generation that fits your touchpoints, target groups and, last but not least, budgets.

Robert Petzold Touchpoint Planning

Touchpoint Planning

There are so many channels you could play on. But unfortunately, the infinite budget has not yet been invented. That’s why I systematically identify the most useful touchpoints in your situation – and use them to define a digital marketing ecosystem.

Robert Petzold User Journeys

User Journeys

Without the consumer, everything is nothing (2). To ensure that the digital strategy is as customer-oriented as possible, I define the most important user journeys quite early in the process and align the strategy strongly with these findings. 

Robert Petzold Content Strategy

Content Strategy

What content will best reach your audience? Above all, a content strategy should answer this question. Accordingly, topics and formats are defined, but also beyond that, e.g. an approach for a permanent campaign and what potentials there are for you in the search engine.

Robert Petzold Targeting Approach

Targeting Approach

Only with personalised targeting does your communication become truly relevant to the individual – and your marketing competitive. That’s why, for me, at least one approach to personalisation and targeting is part of every digital strategy.

Robert Petzold Result Forecast

Result Forecast

In order to really achieve the desired result, I provide you with a model overview of the most important KPIs, their magnitudes and interactions. We can then compare the current operation against this marketing or business case, make early corrections and stay within the target corridor.

My other three roles:

Interim Manager

I support your digital marketing project as an expert manager. And then I leave again.


Branding Page Builder

I like to conceptualise and design the digital home of your brand myself.


Pitch Consultant

I accompany agencies when pitching. But I am very shy about it.



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